Our user-friendly teams will get your fans working for you in no time flat without breaking your budget.

Whether you need street team software or street team management, FanRising has got you covered. As music fans and longtime street team members, we understand what makes street teams tick and how to keep members active. We feel that our teams create a community that music fans will want to continue to be a part of.

We also understand the limitations of musicians’ budgets, especially in today’s economy. Our fees are not only reasonable, but are sometimes negotiable, depending on your needs. We will try to work with you and your budget.

Our teams are made to be user-friendly. You don’t need to view a tutorial to learn how to use our site. The interface is easily navigable and intuitive. And if, for some reason, you or team members do have a question, we’ll answer it as quickly as we can via email.

Your street team is yours, no matter what. We do not sell ads on our street teams, nor do we hold your information ransom. Should you choose to cancel services, we’ll provide you with the full database of your team, no questions asked.

We have a love of music that we feel gives us a good perspective on how to get music fans motivated and working for you. We also have extensive online community experience and know how to best communicate with your fans on terms they understand.